SSI Nitrox – breathe up to 40% O2

This course is supplementary material to the SSI Enriched Air Nitrox course. Of course, anyone who already has a comparable certification can take a look at our small course. But if you don’t already have it, you might want to do it – using the knowledge from it as a basis.

You can do the SSI Nitrox course with us completely online. Since nothing changes in the water, this is really just about theory. You need to know what benefits you can get from a different breathing gas, but most importantly, know the limitations. This requires a little something in practice: you need to learn how to analyze the contents of your scuba tank yourself. Since it’s really not hard, we just put it in a video, and you’ll just do it the first time you check your bottle. It works, no one will notice that you do it yourself for the first time 🙂

And even if the course is online, of course you have contact persons with us. If you don’t understand something, you can just ask on different channels and you will surely get a nice answer. And if you don’t get your questions answered there, we’ll just do a webinar tailored to your questions.


SSI Enriched Air Nitrox Certification

SSI Enriched Air Nitrox (40%) – Online Course

Longer bottom times or less nitrogen saturation - diving with Nitrox has some advantages. You'll learn how to best use it in this course.


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Punkfish Special: Nitrox PLUS

Many divers are now crediting nitrox with supernatural properties. They like to claim that nitrox is safer AND you can dive longer AND you can even shorten your surface intervals AND then you’ll be even fitter after diving.

What’s with the rumours?

  1. In the first chapter we look at security. We talk about the dangers of oxygen – because that’s the risk that you accept for more security on the other side. We discuss the forms of oxygen toxicity; show you how to measure the O2 content of a bottle; and invite you to weigh up the risks yourself using a few examples.
  2. In the second chapter, we take a look at what longer diving is all about. For this we will do a bit of math, choose the best mixtures and get the longest no-stop times allowed. We also look at how nitrogen saturation compares between different gases.
  3. In the third chapter we would like to look at some of the myths that exist around Nitrox: Is it a good idea to take shorter surface intervals when diving Nitrox? Are you fitter after diving than after an air dive?
  4. We then explain what nitrox is really a great gas for in a brief look at XR Nitrox.

Have fun

The punk fish Vero and Dominik




Chapter 1: Is Nitrox Safer?

O2 poisoning
How do you analyze a mixture?
​How does an oxygen sensor work?

Lava delta on La Palma

Chapter 2: Pushing Boundaries

How deep can you go now? And then how long can I stay with my Nitrox?

Basalt columns in Malpique, La Palma

Chapter 3: What Can't Nitrox Do?

Why nitrox doesn’t make you more beautiful or smarter

Lava and Smoke, La Palma

Chapter 4: Extend your range

But stay down a bit longer? Of course it works.