Outlook: Extend Your Range

If you want more oxigen: Extended Range

When it’s most beautiful, you have to go back up…. Maybe it’s that feeling that made you learn how to use Nitrox. You can stay at moderate depths for quite some time now, and your dives will likely change as a result. Unfortunately, this normal use limits us in depth. But that is sometimes a pity.

When these limits become too narrow, it makes sense to look into the topic of decompression diving. You can exceed no decompression limits if you are well versed in deco theory, are confident in planning your ascent – and are confident that you can solve your underwater problems. Just showing up is then no longer possible.
These dives are particularly beautiful if you switch to a Nitrox50 or oxygen during the ascent. This allows the nitrogen to be transported out of the body more quickly, and we can also design long, deep dives with a good safety margin.
In order to be able to do this safely, there are advanced courses that introduce you to the world beyond the no-decompression limit.

Decompression Diving

If you really don’t want to use any technical equipment, but just want to do some decoration and take a stage bottle with you, this is your course. You will learn the relevant basics of deco theory – really extensively with the punk fish – and then you can extend your dives and emerge clean. And that without having to deal with new equipment.

Extended Range Nitrox

Extended Range Nitrox is an extended deep specialty. Here you learn how to make decompression dives and are allowed to use a higher percentage nitrox as decompression gas. The limit is still 40m, but you can stay there much longer. The course can be done either with a slightly modified recreational diving equipment or in a configuration that makes sense for technical diving.

If you are thinking of going in the direction of technical diving, this course makes sense in a Tek configuration.

Extended Range

If you already dive sidemount or with doubles and are really interested in technical diving, you can also do the Extended Range course directly. This represents the entry into technical diving and, in addition to a lot of theory, includes above all the practical skills in handling several bottles, a stage, the beloved buoy – neutrally buoyant in blue water. The limits are 45m, one deco gas, and a maximum deco of 25 minutes. That’s a lot, and you can wiggle around with it for a while before adding the next stage and maybe trimix in the technical extended range.

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