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Live Events on La Palma, in the Red Sea, in Mexico, in Germany….


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As much fun as diving theory is for us: We prefer simply being in the water. To link the two, there is an event or two where diving theory AND practice play a role. Maybe there is something for you.


Deco theory on the Red Sea

A liveaboard where everyone is allowed to dive as they wish. There are tanks in all sizes, even small ones, Nitrox with all percentages, and calm diving – rather longer than more often. In the evening we talk about deco theory, and each decides for herself how to dive. And if you want to know if everything is good, you can measure bubbles after the dives.

Explore Mexico and the Cenotes

Exploring Mexico: cenotes, maybe a little sea, a lot of diving and a little culture – not as a package tour, but as a discovery tour for the adventurous.

Liveaboard Special: Deco Theory and Practice

7.-14.12.2023, from/to Hurghada, on Omneia Spirit, North Special incl. Rosalie Moeller and Thomas Reef
Next date: 21-28.11.2024, route still open, pre-registrations already possible

Our themed safari is designed for experienced divers who prefer to dive longer than more often and enjoy the possibilities of decompression with higher percentage oxygen. For this, the Omneia Spirit is perfectly equipped with sufficient oxygen and booster, so that any desired mixture is available. Dual equipment, sidemount tanks and even rebreather support can be arranged upon request.

In addition to the diving program of usually three dives a day, the safari includes a lecture program on various areas of deco theory. To make sure that it is not too exhausting after exhausting diving days, an interesting and entertaining series of short lectures is planned as a central program: What do we really know about the connection between bubbles and DCS? What are these gradient factors, and can we say for sure which are the safest? And why is it supposed to be so especially good to eat dark chocolate and jump on a trampoline before diving?

In addition, there is the offer to measure bubbles after some or all dives and to compare the results with your own dive profiles. An experienced diving physician accompanies the tour and is available for this and for further questions.

Of course, training in the use of deco gases can also be done on board. In order to keep the theory manageable in the one week, there is the possibility to have adequate preparation in advance in self-study and with webinars, so that open questions and practice can be the focus on board.


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Mexico: Cenotes, dead and living Mayas and sea

Many years ago I once lived in the south of Mexico. In the part far from the sea, San Cristobal de Las Casas, then the center of many social movements. From there I eventually found my way to Tulum and the caves. That’s where, and maybe some interesting places out of the water, I’d like to take you.

We will dive cenotes, it will be possible to do the Intro to Cave, we will see Mayan ruins, we will learn about the situation with the Mayan descendants living today, and maybe we will dive in the sea. We are still discussing the exact route.

It is an exploration tour, not a package tour with a tour guide. We decide together about the route and the dive sites. But Punkfish Academy aka Vero organizes much of what we need on the ground.

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