SCIENCE OF DIVING: Become a divelogist

Diveology: SSI Science of Diving – with the PUNKFISH PLUS

Maybe you’re one of those nerds who wants to understand how a regulator works even before you try diving for the first time. Maybe you’ve been diving for a long time, but somehow you sometimes feel like you really don’t know enough about what you’re doing. Maybe you want to become a diving instructor and wonder if you already know enough.

All this and much more are good reasons for the Science of Diving course. The SSI course is a prerequisite for the SSI Divemaster, it provides all the basic information in a compact and complete way.

Sometimes the information from the course material is not enough, but more and more questions arise. For this we try to provide a little additional material on important discussions in the world of diving. So that you can not only recite the names of long-dead old white men, but also know the relevant basic physics. So that you not only memorize the rules, but also assess risks. And above all, of course: To make diving even more fun.

We, the Punkfishes Dominik Elsässer and Veronika Sievers, wish you lots of fun reading and diving!


Dive physics, dive physiology, dive equipment, dive planning - with the Science of Diving program, you'll learn everything you need to know as an experienced, self-sufficient diver. The course is a prerequisite for the Divemaster and entry into the world of diving professionals. In the Punkfish Academy you get access to the SSI material as well as a lot of further knowledge and webinars that go far beyond the minimum. Ideal for those who really want to know exactly.


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Chapter 1: Dive Physics

What drove Archimedes to walk around the village naked? Why do divers around the world still know the 17th-century English naturalist Boyle? And what forces gas into liquids?

Gas exchange - Image: SSI

Chapter 2: Dive Physiology

What is the structure of the lungs and how does breathing work? How can you injure your lungs? What happens during gas exchange? What is DCS? And is the PFO actually to blame for everything?

Basalt columns in Malpique, La Palma

Chapter 3: Dive planning

Is there a monster waiting at the no decompression limits? How much air or other do I need to have left? And what do I do if something goes wrong?

Lava and Smoke, La Palma

Chapter 4: Gear

What was the same with balanced and unbalanced? And what was compensated? How exactly does the air flow from the bottle into my mouth?
– in progress –

Lava and Diver

Chapter 5: Seas and their inhabitants

Ebb and flow, tidal range, ocean currents, spring tides…. How does the water move? And what lives in the seas?

– in progress –

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