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Courses at the Punkfish Academy

We are part of Punkfish Diving, and offer almost all SSI courses. The pure theory courses you can complete here directly completely online – if you want to go into the water, we can go diving with you on La Palma or sometimes in Germany.

How can I do an SSI Specialty here?

Very simple: You book the course or write us first. Then you get access to the SSI Online Course and extra material from us. You will work through this and can ask us anything you are unclear about in an online meeting, by email or via messenger. Then you take your exam online, and get the brevet.

How can I support you if I don’t want to take a course?

Our webinars, all the recordings on YouTube, the presentations we pass on to you – it all takes time. And that time is work that we would like to get paid for. If you think that you would like to pay something for what you have learned with us: Just support us with a voluntary contribution.


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